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Work on the take-off and landing runway July 17-25

2014-07-15, kl. 10:11

For nine days this summer, work will be carried out on Malmö Airport's take-off and landing runway. The aim is to increase access and on-time performance.

Beginning Thursday, July 17, and until Friday, July 25, maintenance work will be carried out in the manoeuvring area, which is necessary to maintain good aviation safety. Parts of the area will be resurfaced with a new layer of asphalt. This is something done on a continuous basis at all airports. During the summer of 2014, the work will be done on the middle section of the runway, and during parts of the day Runway 17/35 will be closed to air traffic. At some times, the runway will be open but as a shorter runway than usual.

Airlines were informed about this at an early stage and have therefore been able to adjust their timetables so that they will be affected to as little an extent as possible by the work.

How is the work being carried out?

We will grind up the asphalt on a surface of about 50,000 square metres. Before the grinding begins, the lighting will be dismantled and removed to avoid any damage. New asphalt will be laid and the lighting will be reinstalled before air traffic resumes. The roughly 220,000 cubic metres of ground mass produced by the work will be used to improve the road that runs along the perimeter fence of the airport.