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Sustainable design concept enhances the experience at Malmö Airport

2014-01-30, kl. 09:42

Malmö Airport’s new passenger lounge is being inaugurated today. The lounge is open to everyone and is one of the steps in the transformation of the airport’s terminal. A new selection of materials, colours and lighting creates an impression where the underlying idea is to spotlight the airport’s focus on sustainability and the creative forces found in the region.

The company producing all the furnishings and light fixtures is Green Furniture Sweden, which has offices in Malmö and works with sustainable, innovative methods. One of the sofas is called “T-shirt seater” and was designed by Maria Westerberg. The name for the sofa comes from the way Ms Westerberg originally recycled her friends’ discarded t-shirts to use in her weaving. Nowadays, environmentally-certified upholstery remnants from the Bogesund textile factory are used. The fabric for the sofas was woven at Yalla Trappan, an integration project for women in the Rosengård district of Malmö.

“We always have to keep renewing ourselves and find out what passengers want. This is a unique environment, where we put a focus on passengers having a good experience in a sustainable environment, while at the same time the atmosphere is enhanced with the warm tones. Why not let yourself be inspired while you wait?” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.

In a survey recently carried out by TNS SIFO at the request of Swedavia and which includes questions about the importance of the atmosphere at the airport, it was found that passengers from Scania are full of anticipation (75 per cent) and happy (51 per cent) when they are headed off on a trip – and almost 70 per cent of people from the region think the atmosphere at the airport is important to the travel experience.

About the Traveller survey

This survey of the views of Swedes concerning travel, holidaymaking and airports across the world was conducted by TNS Sifo at the request of Swedavia. The survey is web-based and was carried out between September 30 and October 9, 2013. The respondents were randomly chosen individuals aged 18-79. A total of 9,067 people took part in the survey, with the results based on the 4,594 people who responded “yes” to the question whether they had flown on holiday over the past year. National results are based on a sample of 2,000 people.