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Skopje new non-stop destination with Wizz Air

2012-06-25, kl. 15:30

Beginning October 29, the carrier Wizz Air will fly to Skopje, Macedonia, twice a week. That will be the sixth destination with Wizz Air from Malmö Airport, which continues to expand as an airport.

Wizz Air already offers service to Budapest, Belgrade, Gdansk, Katowice and Warsaw.

“We are very pleased that Wizz Air is now expanding its offering from the airport. Over 1.3 million passengers have flown with Wizz Air since it launched operations in the Öresund region. Skopje will be the fifteenth low-fare route from Malmö Airport to an international destination,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.

Beginning summer 2012, three low-fare airlines will fly from Malmö Airport to the international destinations listed below: Wizz Air, Ryanair and Belle Air Europe. Belle Air Europe will start flying to Pristina on July 21.

Regularly scheduled international destinations from Malmö Airport

Belgrade, 4 times/week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Budapest, 7 times/week Monday-Sunday
Gdansk, 5 times/week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Katowice, 3 times/week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Skopje, 2 times/week Monday and Friday (starting October 29)
Warsaw, 3 times/week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Booking: www.wizzair.com

Pristina, 1-2 times/week Monday and Thursday
Booking: www.belleaireurope.eu

Alicante, 2 times/week Wednesday and Saturday
Barcelona-Girona, 2 times/week Tuesday and Saturday
London, 7 times/week Monday-Sunday
Malaga, 2 times/week Wednesday and Sunday
Malta, 2 times/week Monday and Friday
Palma, 2 times/week Thursday and Sunday
Pisa, 2 times/week Monday and Friday
Wroclaw, 3 times/week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Booking: www.ryanair.com