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Skåne Hall of Fame welcomes passengers

2013-04-24, kl. 11:10

More than two million passengers travel each year through Malmö Airport. Now both international and Swedish passengers will first be welcomed to the region by well-known figures from Scania, in southern Sweden, in the portrait series Skåne Hall of Fame.

For many international passengers, the airport is the first impression they have of Sweden. At the same time, Swedish visitors should get a feeling of Malmö and the Scania region when they land at Malmö Airport. With the portrait gallery Skåne Hall of Fame, visitors are now welcomed by well-known Scanians, which provides a positive start to their visit – especially in conjunction with the Eurovision Song Contest, which the city will soon host, since many passengers will travel via the airport on their way to and from Malmö.

“We are proud, among other things, that Timbuktu will provide visitors with their first welcome to the region along with other celebrities who make up the Skåne Hall of Fame. People from Scania can feel pride, and the portraits also help to create a positive atmosphere at the airport,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.

The exhibition consists of photographs of well known and less well known figures in sport, music, culture and business. These include the footballer Henrik Larsson, the chef Tina Nordqvist, the artist Timbuktu, the actress Anita Ekberg, the comedian David Batra, the business executive Percy Nilsson, the actor and comedian Hans Alfredson, the actress Git Gay, the actor Ernst-Hugo Järegård and the singer Amanda Jensen.

The exhibition is located in the airport arrival hall.