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Ryanair celebrates two years and 300,000 passengers at Malmö Airport

2013-07-11, kl. 15:25

Ryanair recently celebrated two milestones at Malmö Airport. Firstly, it was two years ago that the company resumed its operations in Malmö and, secondly, it has now transported 300,000 passengers.

Victoria Bjellerup and Viktor Drakfelt from Malmö, who were heading to Alicante for a week's holiday, were the lucky 300,000th passenger. They received a flight voucher from Malmö to a destination of their choice for their next holiday.

During summer 2013 Ryanair operates seven low¨fare routes from Malmö Airport: Alicante, Barcelona-Girona, London Stansted, Malaga, Palma, Pisa and Wroclaw.