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Route 108 between Lund and Malmö Airport closed August 23-26

2013-08-16, kl. 10:55

Beginning August 23 at 6.00 p.m. and until August 26 at 5.00 a.m., the section of Route 108 between Hyby and Klågerup will be closed. The reason for this is work being carried out by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Meanwhile, work will be underway on the road between Holmeja and Hyby, which means there will be very limited access to this section of the road at that time.

Take E65 instead of Route 108

The Swedish Transport Administration recommends that all traffic to and from Malmö Airport proceed along E65 instead of Route 108 this weekend. Flygbussarna airport coaches will run via E65 that weekend.

Read more on the Swedish Transport Administration’s website