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Prebook parking at Malmö Airport

2013-03-21, kl. 08:31

Malmö Airport is now launching a booking system for people who are taking a trip and want to book their parking there in advance via the airport’s website. By prebooking, you are guaranteed a space in the parking facility of your choice.

There are over 3,400 parking spaces in different price classes to choose from at the airport. When you book a parking space via Malmö Airport’s website, you are always guaranteed a space in the facility of your choice. And the earlier you book, the more opportunities you have to take advantage of special offers for the different parking facilities. 

”Now it will be even smoother and easier to fly from Malmö Airport when you can prebook your parking,” says Leo Strömberg, who is charge of parking at the airport. “Naturally, people can come to the airport and park in a facility that has space available without prebooking, but only at the regular rate and as long as there are spaces available. By prebooking a space, passengers are guaranteed parking in the facility they want.”

Take advantage of the special parking offers

In conjunction with the launch of online booking, Malmö Airport is introducing seasonal and special offers, such as weekend parking.

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