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O’Learys has opened at Malmö Airport

2015-07-01, kl. 15:57

O’Learys Sport Bar, in partnership with SSP and Swedavia, has now opened at Malmö Airport. The venue has seating for 136 people and offers food, beverages and sport.

“O’Learys is about passion for our fans, sport, atmosphere, food and beverages,” says Wilhelm Vintilescu, CEO of O’Learys Trademark. “It feels great to know that we will now share our passion with passengers at Malmö Airport. We bring something new to the airport along with a brand that is well known and appreciated by many passengers.”

“It is great that we are getting new, popular brands at the airport that enhance the passenger experience,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport. “Today O’Learys has outlets in locations such as Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter, which are products that fit in well at an airport.” 

O’Learys is the first major restaurant brand at Malmö Airport. There is seating for 136 people in the restaurant, where passengers can sit down and have their food and beverage served to them. The restaurant is located after the security checkpoint at Malmö Airport and is set up on both sides of the walkway. Opening hours are adjusted to flight departure times.

O’Learys at Malmö Airport