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Malmö Airport’s world-leading climate work

2015-01-15, kl. 14:22

ACI Europe has once again renewed Malmö Airport’s ACA accreditation at the highest level – which means good marks for the airport’s climate work. ACA accreditation at the highest level requires, among other things, implementation of a number of practical improvements and investments.

In order to manage such extensive work, strong commitment and good coordination throughout the airport are needed. The application that Swedavia submitted for Malmö Airport is based on 2013 figures, and the renewed certificate awarded to the airport is valid through February 2016.

“We map and measure fossil carbon dioxide emissions in our operations, which enables us to keep a really close eye on them and especially their sources. Because of this mapping, we can track any emissions to a specific vehicle. That is an important foundation on which to base our continued work in order to reduce our emissions over the coming years,” says Maria Svensson, who is in charge of ACA accreditation at Malmö Airport.

We have carried out the following measures at Malmö Airport since the last time ACI Europe renewed our certification:

  • Began to install LED lightbulbs to replace traditional ones and switched to more energy-efficient fixtures.
  • Supplemented the heating system with another smaller-scale wood-pellet-burning boiler to optimise the system.
  • Replaced regular diesel fuel in our vehicles with diesel that has a higher percentage of renewable fuel.
  • Reconfigured the taxi area in order to create conditions to increase the share of ecotaxis.
  • Optimised and replaced ventilation and climate control systems.