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Malmö Airport to share its environmental knowledge

2013-04-16, kl. 08:47

Malmö Airport is the first airport selected as an object of study for visits under the GreenTech Visits initiative. The aim is to offer guided tours to international groups of visitors who want to see how the airport works with environmental issues.

Most international visitors are generally interested in how we in Sweden approach sustainable development and how different infrastructure systems fit into a broader overall view of building in our society.

“We have come far in our sustainability work. So we are now ready to receive international visits in social building and technology in order to share our knowledge about how to run a climate-smart airport,” says Maria Bengtsson, environmental manager at Malmö Airport.

“Malmö Airport has worked with great focus in its environmental efforts, and it feels great to be able to offer a slightly unexpected destination to foreign groups that come to Scania to look at environmental technology solutions. With the airport’s solar heating facility, bees as indicators of air pollution and procurement of electric vehicles, it is natural to integrate it in GreenTech Visits’ offering of destinations,” says Håkan Knutsson, CEO of Sustainable Business Hub.
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Malmö Airport’s environmental work

Facts: Malmö Airport’s environmental work

For a number of years, Malmö Airport has been a member of the Sustainable Business Hub, which is a network in southern Sweden whose mission is to help companies with operations in the environment and energy sector to enhance their competitiveness. The network also makes arrangements for groups of international visitors via the initiative GreenTech Visits.

Malmö Airport’s environmental work has resulted among other things in certification at the highest level based on the international standard for airports. Certification follows a carbon dioxide and energy programme whose goal is to reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions. Certification means the airport is completely carbon-neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions from its own operations. It is also confirmation that the airport works actively together with other companies at Malmö Airport to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions as well.