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Istria – new charter destination from Malmö Airport

2014-01-21, kl. 12:34

Solresor is now introducing a new destination from Malmö Airport – the Istrian peninsula of Croatia.

Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, most of which belongs to Croatia, but also to Italy and Slovenia. Solresor is offering trips to the destinations of Pula and Poreč on the west coast of the peninsula, which is a full 240 kilometres long. Its offering of hotels is varied, and travellers can choose everything from bed and breakfast to “all inclusive light” arrangements. Lazy days on the beach can easily be combined with outings in the vicinity. Influences from Italy can clearly be seen in Istria, especially in the selection of food and wine available.

You can choose from a total of 17 different charter destinations from Malmö Airport this spring and summer.

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