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Instagram exhibition to be inaugurated at Malmö Airport

2014-03-27, kl. 09:45

During the spring, anyone flying to or from Malmö Airport can see the Instagram exhibition #enjoysweden. The exhibition could also have been called Swedes' wonderful photos of Sweden – because that is exactly what it is about, a country depicted through one of the most popular photo phenomena in popular culture right now – Instagram.

#enjoysweden is a photo project that shows pictures of Sweden from Instagram. Some 70 Instagram users throughout the country have taken unique, fun and beautiful pictures with themes from north to south. The project was initiated by Albin and Oskar Ponnert.

Photo of man in a canoe#enjoysweden – a sampling from 60,000 photos

A jury has selected 240 of the roughly 60,000 photos with the hash tag #enjoysweden taken over one year for a photo yearbook about Sweden. The exhibition #enjoysweden, which opens at Malmö Airport on April 17, displays a sample of these photos.

"I think it is really exciting that these photos will now be on exhibit at the airport and completely in line with the broad popular base of this project. People should be able to see art in places other than galleries and choose for themselves when they want to see it," says Albin Ponnert. "Many people will be travelling to Scania during the Easter week to take in art, so what could be better than them enjoying an exhibition right when they land?"

"We want Malmö Airport to be an inspiring meeting place, and we hope that our passengers will enjoy a new experience with this exhibition. The airport is a showcase for highlighting what we are proud of in the region, so it is great that we can now exhibit photos from Scania as well as from the rest of the country," says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.

Anyone is welcome to see the exhibition

The exhibition will be inaugurated on April 17 and will be located in Malmö Airport's check-in hall before the security checkpoint. Both passengers and the general public are invited to see the exhibition, which will run until May 25. #enjoysweden was previously shown at the Landskrona Art Gallery and is a travelling exhibition that will go on display in more places, both in Sweden and abroad.