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Growing numbers flying from Malmö Airport

2013-09-09, kl. 15:36

In August, a total of 209,000 passengers flew to or from the airport, an increase of eight per cent compared to the same month in 2012. Some 118,000 were international passengers, an increase of thirteen per cent, while 91,000 were domestic passengers, an increase of two per cent.

During the summer months of June to August, many passengers flew on their summer holiday via Malmö Airport. In August, international traffic was up thirteen per cent compared to the same month in 2013. June and July were also record months for passenger volumes.

So far in 2013 (January-August), 1,403,000 passengers have flown to or from the airport. Some 659,000 flew international, which is an increase of four per cent compared to the same period in 2012. Another 744,000 flew domestic, which is a decrease of three per cent.

“During the summer, Malmö Airport was an airport for cruises since Pullmantur started flying Spaniards to Scania for cruises in the Baltic Sea and to Norway’s beautiful fjords. The increase is also due to keen travellers from southern Sweden and Denmark choosing to fly international from Malmö Airport. Our advantages of short queue times and easy, smooth flows contribute to passengers appreciating flights out of this airport,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.