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“Greetings from Malmö!”

2014-07-14, kl. 10:30

Malmö Airport is continuing its collaboration with Malmö Turism by inviting all passengers to take a photo of the Öresund Bridge and Western Harbour, tag it with #mymalmo and share it with family and friends. A large wall filled with postcards and the phrase “Greetings from Malmö” is now set up in the airport terminal.

The idea behind the postcard wall is to give visitors a first impression and a nice sense of Malmö, but it also serves as a greeting to everyone from the province of Scania who is returning home. Passengers are encouraged to take a selfie or have someone take a photo of them next to the postcard wall and then upload the image on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or send it as an MMS.

"We have an expanding collaboration with Malmö Airport, and we are always assessing how we should welcome visitors even as soon as they arrive at Malmö Airport. We consider our new postcard wall to be an important piece of the hospitality puzzle. It is a perfect fit at Malmö Airport, which is of course the gateway for many visitors. The Western Harbour and the Öresund Bridge are symbols of Malmö and the entire region," says Anna Wittgren, business area manager for leisure travel at Malmö Turism.

Photo: Kasper Veileborg and Tatiana Silvera take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy summer with lots of sun and swimming.


Malmö Airport has a collaboration with the organisations Malmö Turism and Tourism in Skåne which is aimed at getting more visitors to come to our region and giving visitors a warm welcome. Postcards can be tagged with #mymalmo, #malmo or #malmoairport. The postcard wall will be in place next to Gates 5-7 at Malmö Airport for one year beginning on July 11, 2014.