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Gotlandsflyg launching year-round service to Malmö

2013-07-08, kl. 16:38

The summer route between Visby and Malmö operated by Gotlandsflyg and Malmö Aviation is to become a year-round route. That means service will continue, with up to three round trips a week starting Tuesday, August 27.

The Malmö–Visby route has proved to be a great success, so Gotlandsflyg and Malmö Aviation have now chosen to make it a year-round route. Service will continue with three round trip flights a week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays). The route will be flown by a SAAB 340 with seating for 33 passengers. However, capacity can be expanded if necessary. Service on the new route will begin August 27.  

During the 2012 summer season, almost 7,000 people flew between Visby and Malmö, and that record looks like it will be broken this summer.

“There are a large number of people from Gotland who live in the Malmö region, while there are many people from the county of Scania who live in Gotland. We are now making it easier for them and others to travel between the two regions in an easy, convenient way,” says Ola Mattsson, chief operating officer of Gotlandsflyg.

Nor is it only Swedes who can take advantage of the new route. The route also offers a great time savings for the thousands of Danes who visit Gotland each year and can now get to the island from Malmö Airport without having to change planes en route between Copenhagen and Visby.

“Malmö is an interesting growth region, and its proximity can generate good business opportunities for our companies in Gotland. Malmö Airport has a number of interesting international routes. If we also include the proximity to Copenhagen and Kastrup Airport, the whole world is at our passengers’ feet. They no longer have to travel north in order to fly south on the European continent,” Mr Mattsson adds.

“We are pleased that Visby is now becoming a year-round route from Malmö and that it will be easier to get to Gotland from the Öresund region,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport.

Tickets for the new route can now be booked at gotlandsflyg.se, at malmoaviation.se and through travel agencies.