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Football party to land at Malmö Airport

2015-11-23, kl. 16:20

On November 25, the match will kick off in Malmö between the French team Paris St-Germain and Malmö FF. We will start celebrating on November 23 and continue until the start of the match.

Are you flying to or from Malmö Airport – the airport for the province of Scania – to see the match? Then you’ll encounter football cheer including flags and garland in the colours of Scania and France. 

“Many supporters will fly to the match between PSG and MFF, and we want everyone to feel the party atmosphere as soon as they land,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport direct of Malmö Airport. 

You can also grab a French snack at Espresso House, where there are special offers on croissants and espresso, while at 7-Eleven you can try to put the ball over their goal line. Take the opportunity to get a selfie with Zlatan’s photo, which is now in the new Scania Hall of Fame. If you want to have the same scent as Zlatan, then of course you’ll find Zlatan’s own fragrance in the tax-free shop at Malmö Airport.