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  • The Pope’s visit

    2016-11-01, kl. 15:12

    Pope Francis left the Vatican this morning and has now arrived at Malmö Airport after a two-hour flight. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Archbishop Antje Jackélen welcomed him to Sweden accompanied by a military band and guard of honour. Some 70 international journalists were invited to accompany the Pope on the plane to Malmö Airport, where more than 40 Swedish journalists were waiting.

  • About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    2016-10-19, kl. 11:00

    Several airlines have introduced a ban on the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flights - check with your airline what applies to your trip.

  • Rickard Söderberg is Scanian of the Year at Malmö Airport

    2016-10-18, kl. 10:47

    The colourful social advocate and opera singer Rickard Söderberg has been named Scanian of the Year in Malmö Airport’s Scanian Hall of Fame. He was the clear winner in a vote by readers of the evening newspaper Kvällsposten and on Friday was awarded a place in the airport’s popular portrait gallery.

  • More flights to the Swedish fjelds

    2016-09-28, kl. 09:37

    BRA will fly non-stop from Malmö Airport to Åre Östersund Airport between December and April. Since this route was so popular last season, service is being extended another four weeks.

  • This year SAS celebrates its 70th anniversary

    2016-09-19, kl. 11:07

    In 1946, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) made its official maiden flight between Stockholm and New York. Since then, SAS has made life easier for passengers flying to and from Scandinavia. SAS’s 70th anniversary is being celebrated with the exhibition “Congratulations SAS on your 70th anniversary,” which features uniforms and other retro items. 

  • Fly non-stop to Beirut from Malmö

    2016-06-02, kl. 09:15

    Wings of Lebanon will launch new direct service between Malmö and Beirut on June 16. Passengers from the southern Swedish province of Scania will now be able to fly to Beirut from Malmö Airport once a week.

  • Travel to the Greek town of Kanali this summer

    2016-05-10, kl. 15:46

    Beginning June 20, Apollo will start flying from Malmö Airport to the Greek town of Kanali.

  • Malmö Airport visited by the Bishop of Lund

    2016-04-21, kl. 15:00

    Johan Tyrberg, the Bishop of Lund, visited the airport yesterday.

  • International travel at Malmö Airport rose during the first quarter of the year

    2016-04-15, kl. 12:03
  • Air passenger volume increased in February

    2016-03-08, kl. 10:12

    In February Swedavia’s airports saw a sharp rise in air traffic. Passenger volume increased as much as 10 per cent compared to the same month last year.

  • Air passenger volume up during the first month of the year

    2016-02-11, kl. 13:21

    The number of air passengers increased during the first month of 2016. Some 2,606,000 people flew to or from one of Swedavia’s airports in January. That is a 5 per cent increase over the same month last year. 

  • SAS’s new Café Lounge has opened

    2016-02-05, kl. 13:21

    Today at 1:00p, SAS’s new Café Lounge at Malmö Airport was inaugurated with live music and refreshments. The new concept supplements SAS’s existing lounges and is aimed at people who fly frequently and also enjoy a smooth trip.  

  • Chat live with Swedavia’s customer service

    2016-01-26, kl. 09:28

    Starting today, you can chat live with Swedavia’s customer service representatives via all eleven of the Group’s websites.

  • Passenger record for Malmö Airport in 2015

    2016-01-15, kl. 13:23

    A record number of passengers flew to or from Malmö Airport in 2015. Passenger volume increased 4 per cent compared to 2014, with a total of 2.17 million passengers flying to or from the Scanian airport. The number of international passengers was up 7 per cent while the number of domestic passengers was up 2 per cent.

  • Increased travel at Malmö Airport in November

    2016-01-07, kl. 15:06

    Some 187,000 passengers flew to or from Malmö Airport in November. That is a 9 per cent increase compared to the same month in 2014. There were a total of 65,400 international passengers, an 18 per cent increase compared to last year. Some 121,500 people flew domestically, a 5 per cent increase compared to the same month last year.