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Parking at Luleå Airport

Choose your parking based on how long you are away travelling. If you travel often there are also special season parking prices.

New! Book parking in advance and you are guaranteed a space

Book and pay your parking at area P7 in advance, and you are guaranteed a parking space at your chosen area. Rembember that you must book at least 24 hours before departure.

Book Parking

Short-term parking P1

Price: SEK 20 per hour, minimum fee of SEK 10. Pay with cash or a credit/debit card. You can also use Easypark (registration is required).

Easypark website (new window)

Long-term parking P2, P3 och P7

Choose our long-term parking if you are travelling for a little longer period of time - available with or without engine heaters.

Prices P3 and P7

Prices: SEK 130 per 24 hours for the first six days, then SEK 10 per 24 hours.

Prices P2 - Engine heater during the winter

From April1 to October 31 you pay SEK 130 per 24 hours for the first six days, then SEK 10 per 24 hours. From November 1 until March 31 the price is SEK 180 per day and the engine heater is always included.

Read more about how you control your engine heater by app, online or SMS.


  • With credit/debit/petrol card at the entrance and exit. Receipt button is at the exit
  • Press for a parking slip at the entrance and pay with your credit/debit/petrol card at the exit
  • Press for a parking slip at the entrance and pay with credit/debit/petrol card at the service payment machines located in the terminal

Long-term parking uses a barrier system for entering and exiting. Please note that there are different entrances for parking with or without engine heaters.

You are not able to prebook a parking place. When one car park is full, you are directed to another car park.

If you park in the wrong parking facility

If you park the wrong parking facility, you will be charged the regular price for that facility. So be especially careful about checking that you are in the right parking facility.


Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 68 02
E-mail: parkering@swedavia.se

Petrol station

There is an unmanned petrol station, Rent & Petroleum, at Luleå Airport. You can pay with Mastercard, Diners Club and Visa.

Rent & Petroleum

Telephone: +46 (0)920 222 023
E-mail: info@rpnab.se


Don’t forget to lock your car and remove all valuables.
Swedavia is not liable for any theft or damage to vehicles or property in vehicles parked in Swedavia’s parking facilities.