Women as role models in Norrbotten

2016-03-09, kl. 15:18

The photo exhibition Kvinnor som förebilder i Norrbotten (‘Women as role models in Norrbotten’) formally opened at Luleå Airport today and will be on display for the next two months. 

The exhibition, which spotlights a range of people, from everyday women heroes to corporate leaders, includes the participation of 68 women from province of Norrbotten. The aim of the exhibition is to inspire more girls/women to realise their dreams here in northern Sweden. The photographer and the person who brought about the show is Andreas Harnemo. 

Place: Mat & Fika, arrival hall.

The exhibition is on display through May 9.

Selections from the exhibition

Hilda Palo

Owner and CEO of Betulafog AB in Hedenäset

Hilda took over the company Betulafog AB in 2011, when the business passed from one generation to the next. She was named 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Municipality of Övertorneå by the Swedish Federation of Business Owners. She is a former backpacker and track and field athlete who won two bronze medals at the Swedish National Youth Championships. As a 15-year-old, she left home for Umeå. Before she returned home in 2010, she had already managed to live in both Brazil and Stockholm, and did a great deal of travelling in Asia. 

Photo: Andreas Harnemo

Maud Adams

Film star from Luleå

Maud grew up in Luleå and left the city at the age of 19 to work as a model around the world. She continued to work as an actor and then got the role as a Bond girl opposite Roger Moore in the films The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy. Nowadays she lives in Beverly Hills but spends a great deal of time in Luleå and serves as an ambassador for Norrbotten.

Photo: Andreas Harnemo

Anna Barthold

Professional basketball player and team captain of Luleå Basket

Anna has been a professional basketball player since 2003. She played in Spain and Brazil for many years. Between 1999 and 2003 she combined basketball and her studies at a university in New York. Since 2004 she has played on Sweden’s national women’s senior team and, among other things, has represented Sweden in two European Championships, 2013 in France and 2015 in Hungary. She is the Swedish player with the fourth highest number of international wins ever, 120. Since 2011 Anna has played in Luleå and in 2013 was named captain of her team, an honour she still holds today. 

Photo: Andreas Harnemo