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Charter trips from Luleå Airport

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    New! Alghero, Sardinia
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    Both culture and beach life at Rhodos
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    Antalya – enjoy the beach life and culture.
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    Enjoy shopping in the charming center of Split.
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    Relax on sunny Crete.

With a charter flight, your holiday will be even smoother, no matter whether you choose beach life or adventure. Check out the spring and summer charter flights for 2016 from Luleå Airport and book today.

To travel is to choose something different. It's about leaving your everyday life behind to lie on a beach in a faraway land or head out to discover something new.

Where do you long to be? See the offering from Luleå Airport below and book the trip you need to feel like you're on a real holiday.

Use the links on this page and click on the relevant charter operator's website to book your trip.

Charter trips summer 2016 from Luleå Airport

  • Alghero/Sardinia (Italy) - Fritidsresor
  • Antalya (Turkey) – Fritidsresor, Nazar, Ving, Detur
  • Crete (Greece) – Fritidsresor Apollo
  • Larnaca (Cyprus) – Ving, Fritidsresor
  • Majorca/Palma (Spain) – Fritidsresor, Ving
  • Rhodes (Greece) – Apollo, Fritidsresor, Ving, Nazar
  • Split (Croatia) –  Scandjet, Kroatienspecialisten

Book at the charter operators websites

Fritidsresor  Apollo