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Luleå is the heart of northern Sweden with big city amenities and small-town neighborhood. A real winter wonderland with white expanses and a summery island city that tops the sun league tables year after year. Luleå combines the fascinating nature with culture, shopping, entertainment, good accommodation and good service. Welcome to explore Luleå – The Luleå way!
Luleå Airport - Luleå
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City Of Sports

Luleå loves sport – in all forms. Visit one of all the games and feel the atmosphere in the arena. Luleå have some of Swedens top teams in the league, both women´s series and men´s series in hockey and basketball. The hockey teams plays in Coop Norrbotten Arena and the basket teams plays in Luleå Energi Arena during sports season.

Coop Norrbotten Arena & Luleå Energi Arena
360 Trampoline Center

360 Trampoline Center Visit us at Luleås mall center, Storheden, where our park is located right in the middle of the shopping district. We have 2200 sq meters and the major part is packed with activities. We offer the best and most exiting activities a trampoline park can deliver. Besides our attractions we also offer party rooms and business events as well as a larger section for snacks, lighter meals and coffee in a welcoming atmosphere. The trampoline park is an activity for various occasions and ages. It is an exiting and energy demanding Entertainment for the entire family, business event, school class activity, the sports team, beginners and advanced acrobat atheletes who want to burn off some extra calories while having lots of fun. In the Active sections we offer: A Main Court with lots of variation. Long courts, short courts and trick sections surrounded by angled trampolines. We also offer one of the worlds first half-pipe section. A foam-pit, where we have four different trampolines where you can jump off into a sea of foam trying outa trick and landing soft. Dodge ball. We have two Dodgeball Courts, one fast Court and one extreme court where you can compete in spontaneous matches or in our upcoming weekly tournaments in an exiting fast paced sport. Slam dunk in the basketball Courts- if you can.

Storhedsvägen 5, 973 45 Luleå

Cook’s Krog

Cooks Krog, a great dinner venue, famous for good quality and first class service. The restaurant specializes in locally and grilled dishes. Cook’s Krog also offers chambre separées for smaller groups up to 16 persons in their own winecellar and “Kajuta Royal".

Storgatan 17, Luleå

Bistro Norrland

Bistro Norrland use the best ingredients along with well chosen drinks. Their focus is on local produce with high quality, served in a cozy bistro atmosphere.

Norra Strandgatan 3-7, Luleå
Lapland Heartwork

In the city center of Luleå you´ll find Lapland Heartwork. This little shop sells beautiful art and handicrafts made by local craftsmen. It´s really worth a visit if you would like to by a souvenir as a memory from your trip in Luleå.

Smedjegatan 13, 972 33 Luleå
Shop In Lapland

Shop In Lapland is located in Gammelstad Church Town 9 km outside of Luleå. They sell selected works of Art, Sami Crafts and Designer Crafts. The aim for Shop in Lapland is to bring a touch of Lapland to your home.

Rutviksvägen 40

Luleå Airport

Luleå Airport (Kallax) is situated about 15 minutes from the centre. Airport buses are available for most departures/arrivals from/to Luleå. 3 day Tourist bus ticket can be bought at the airport or at Luleå Touristcenter for 120 SEK. A shared airport taxi can be arranged in the arrivals hall. Ordinary taxis are to be found at the taxi rank outside the arrivals hall, approx. 250 SEK.

Luleå Airport

Public Transport

Communications in the Norrbotten county are well-developed, a necessity in a region where there are mile after mile of deep forests, rushing rivers and wilderness separating towns and villages from each other. Luleå Lokaltrafik, LLT, is the local bus company that runs everyday in the city center and to the outpost of Luleå. Web: www.llt.lulea.se Länstrafiken i Norrbotten AB is the principal provider of all public bus transport in Norrbotten and its routes run between the villages. Web: www.ltnbd.se It is also possible to take the train to Boden and onward to, for example, Kiruna. The railway runs through the county’s forests and pristine mountain scenery all the way to Narvik in Norway. Web: www.norrtag.se