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Café Skafferiet

At Luleå Airport there is a contemporary food court, where you will find, among other establishments, the café Skafferiet. Fancy a tasty breakfast ? Take the opportunity to enjoy the most important meal of the day while you wait for your flight. At Skafferiet you select a breakfast that will give you a good start to the day .

At Skafferiet, which is inspired by the Luleå archipelago and the old church village of  Gammelstads Kyrkby, you can also enjoy home-made cookies, fresh sandwiches, salads and hot dishes. You’ll also find hot and cold beverages that are easy to take on board your flight.

For anyone who wants to buy a local souvenir, there are delicacies from the north of Sweden as well as handicrafts. At Skafferiet, you’ll also find newspapers, books, snacks and sweets.

Category: Café
Café Skafferiet
After security check.
Open hours:

Opens fourty-five minutes before the first departure to Stockholm Arlanda.

+46 (0)736 88 17 86