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Ving’s trips from Luleå for next winter are now on sale

2015-12-16, kl. 13:54

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, Ving is putting most of next winter’s charter trips on sale. Starting today, trips can be booked at Ving.se, including Ving’s non-stop flights from Luleå Airport to Gran Canaria and to Phuket, Thailand.

“One of the biggest periods for booking trips is in January, and we know from experience that many residents of northern Sweden use their time off during the Christmas holidays to plan their trips for the coming year. That is when people have time to talk to one another in peace and quiet,” says Magdalena Öhrn, information manager at Ving.

“This is very good news. People in the region want to get to the sun and warmth during the winter, and we are really pleased that Ving is continuing to invest in non-stop flights from Luleå Airport during the winter season next year,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

Packages at Ving’s popular concept hotels Sunwing Family Resort, Family Garden and Sunprime Hotels have also gone on sale. Other hotels and destinations will be available as soon as details are in order.

“One clear trend is that more and more of our travellers are choosing one of Ving’s unique hotel concepts, which distinguish us from our competitors. Our concept hotels are also the first ones to be booked since people want to be sure they have just the holiday they want,” Ms Öhrn adds.

Price example: Package trip with one week’s accommodation at Servatur Sun’s Garden (VV+), departure from Luleå December 9, 2016, SEK 4,475 per person.