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Sustained strong trend for air travel

2014-11-05, kl. 09:00

The number of passengers at Luleå Airport was up four per cent in the month of October compared to the same period in 2013. A total of 105,415 passengers fly to or from the airport, an increase of 3,691 passengers.

Domestic traffic increased two per cent in October, from 95,380 to 97,003 passengers, while international traffic increased 33 per cent, from 6,344 to 8,412 passengers.

“The strong trend for air travel at the airport continues, both for domestic traffic but especially for international traffic, which has experienced sharp growth in 2014. This year we will surpass the 100,000 international passenger mark, which will be a record for the airport,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

“These figures show the importance of air travel and its relevance for Swedish access, both to the rest of the world and within Sweden. With this positive traffic trend, we will also surpass the 1 million passenger mark this year,” Ms Viklund notes. 

So far in 2014, for the period January–October, the number of passengers flying to or from Luleå Airport is up three per cent, an increase from 929,877 to 959,130 passengers. The number of domestic passengers has risen two per cent, from 847,278 to 862,875, while the number of international passengers has risen 17 per cent, from 82,599 60 to 96,255.