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Send a greeting from Swedish Lapland

Photo of the Swedish Lapland postcard wall at Luleå Airport
2015-01-19, kl. 09:33

Now passengers at Luleå Airport can send a greeting to their loved ones from Swedish Lapland. Four different photo environments from the region are exhibited by the café Mat & Fika. The exhibition will run through April 13.

The idea behind the postcard wall is to give visitors a first impression and some Swedish Lapland atmosphere. It also serves as a greeting to everyone travelling to or from the region. Visitors are encouraged to either take a selfie or have someone else take a picture of them in front of the postcard wall, so that they can then upload the photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or send it as an MMS.

“We have a developing partnership with Luleå Airport and an on-going dialogue as to how we can be good hosts to our visitors from the very moment they arrive at the airport. Letting our visitors play the leading role in our communication is an intentional strategy – by encouraging and creating opportunities for them to share their own experiences in Swedish Lapland, they become involved in making the attractiveness of our destination visible and enhancing it. We also know that many people who land at Luleå Airport are business travellers, and by showcasing environments that can be experienced in the region, we hope we can inspire them to discover more while they are there and perhaps to return with their family or friends,” says Annika Fredriksson, CEO of the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board.

“We are really pleased about our collaboration with Swedish Lapland and with this idea, which gives our passengers and visitors an opportunity to send a unique special greeting from the region. Through various efforts and collaborations, we try to make people’s visit to the airport even more inspiring, and this is one way for our visitors and passengers to take a bit of Swedish Lapland with them in their hearts,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.