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Self-service makes it easier for passengers at Luleå Airport

2013-11-12, kl. 09:00

On November 12, Swedavia is launching self-service check-in and the self-service bag drop at Luleå Airport.

Self-service is part of Swedavia’s efforts to provide smooth, efficient automated solutions at its airports. It is also a way to offer new services to both passengers and airlines.

Self-service solutions are now being implemented at Luleå Airport, which will contribute to increased customer satisfaction through more efficient flows.

“”We know that efficency and smooth flows at the airports are among the most important for our passengers. Self Service is a trend in the society and therefore is Self Service Bagdrop a very important investment to meet the passengers expectations for a smooth and simple traveling”, says Ann-Christin Viklund, Airport manager Luleå Airport.

For passengers, self-service means they can manage the entire check-in process themselves. Using the automated check-in kiosks, passengers check in and then print out their baggage tag before leaving their bag at the bag drop.