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See Fotobögarna’s "A Proud City"

Fotoutställning A Proud City. Foto Johan Dunder
2015-06-10, kl. 10:53

On June 9, the exhibition “A Proud City” will open at Luleå Airport. The exhibition depicts everyday life which is characterised by diversity and love. The photography network Fotobögarna is the force behind the exhibition at Luleå Airport.

Since 2011, Swedavia has taken part in Pride festivals around Sweden to support all people’s equal rights and value. In conjunction with this year’s Luleå Pride, the exhibition “A Proud City” will open on June 9 at the airport. Some 20 photos depict everyday life in Stockholm which includes diversity and love.

“With this exhibition, we want to show that Sweden is a country that stands for openness, democracy and diversity,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.  

The force behind the exhibition is the photography network Fotobögarna, whose members share a passion for photography, but what they also have in common is that they are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender).

“We want to offer a lot of love and diversity in a picture format to all our passengers. Our hope is that the photos will stimulate thoughts in people who see these photos and that they understand diversity is enriching in every aspect,” says Jonas Norén, from Fotobögarna.

The exhibition will be on display until August 31 by the café Mat & Fika in the arrival hall.