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Record passenger satisfaction at Luleå Airport

2014-04-25, kl. 12:28

On December 5, 2013, the new Luleå Airport was inaugurated. Swedavia, together with seven co-financiers, invested 105 million Swedish kronor to create a modern airport adapted to the travel of the future. Capital spending to improve the atmosphere, provide a wider offering of products and services and make security screening smoother has resulted in 83 per cent satisfied passengers in the annual customer satisfaction survey. That is the best result in the history of the airport.

Passengers who fly to and from Luleå Airport now encounter a larger check-in area, a new security checkpoint with a smoother queue system and a newly decorated arrival hall. In addition, modern design with a connection to the northern Swedish county of Norrbotten leaves its clear mark on the airport. The passenger response was swift and clear: never before has the airport achieved an 83 per cent result in the annual customer satisfaction survey. That is an increase of eleven percentage points compared to the result for the same measurement period before refurbishment began in 2011.

“There is every reason for all the companies and airlines that operate at Luleå Airport to feel proud of the fine marks our passengers have given us. We are working intensely to attract more carriers in collaboration with other stakeholders in the region. The fact that our new airport is so appreciated by our passengers naturally also has an impact on that work,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

In conjunction with the refurbishment, the airport restaurant operator has invested in two new food and beverage concepts: the sports bar O’Learys and the restaurant Skafferiet. A play area, which people have long been asking for, has been set up in collaboration with Leo’s Lekland for all passengers travelling with children.

“We see the development of Luleå Airport as an excellent example of good collaboration between Swedavia, regional co-financiers and the EU, which decided to invest in the development of our entire region through its Regional Development Fund. Obviously, it is gratifying that we have gotten positive marks from passengers so quickly,” says Yvonne Stålnacke, municipal commissioner in Luleå.

The co-financiers making investment in the refurbishment of Luleå Airport possible are the European Regional Development Fund, the Norrbotten County Administrative Board, the Municipality of Luleå, the Norrbotten County Council, and the Municipalities of Boden, Piteå and Älvsbyn.

About the customer satisfaction survey:

In the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) customer survey, commissioned by Airport Councils International (ACI), 36 questions are asked concerning such topics as the passenger’s arrival at the airport, their experience at the airport, customer service, atmosphere and queue times. For Luleå Airport, the most recent customer satisfaction survey, which was carried out during the period November 2013–February 2014, produced a result of 83 per cent. That is an increase of 11 percentage points, since customer satisfaction prior to refurbishment was 72 per cent (the survey was carried out during the same period in 2010/2011). Over 200 airports in more than 50 countries take part in the survey.