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Peter Åberg’s art at Luleå Airport

2014-05-27, kl. 10:37

This summer, watercolours by Peter Åberg will be on display at the airport. The exhibition in the arrival hall at Luleå Airport will run from June 3 to August 29.

Watercolour by Peter ÅbergPeter Åberg is an artist with a passionate approach to drawing – details, precise execution and intricate craftsmanship. It started in his youth, and only when he studied art at Sunderby did his works start to include colour. Nature has been his greatest source of inspiration, and there is also an ecological awareness, almost an environmental protest, in the work Åberg calls Projekt Metamorfos (‘Project Metamorphosis’). He wants to spotlight subjects such as plant breeding and genetic manipulation, asking the question: What happens when the experiments of researchers get out of control? He is interested in creating a kind of realism in the works he produces without being a photographic realist.

A new series of themes he is now developing is called The City, which is inspired by the urban world. Åberg has room here to explore his other major area of interest – architecture and design. At Luleå Airport, a series of paintings is being exhibited under the heading Secret Garden.

Peter Åberg

Peter Åberg was born and raised in Luleå and has resided for some time in Piteå. Åberg pursued art studies at Sunderby Folk High School in 1994-96. He has held a number of solo exhibitions and taken part in group exhibitions in Norrbotten and elsewhere in Sweden.

“I work mainly with painting and drawing but am always striving to challenge myself, exploring and learning to master new techniques. I see my artistry as a life-long process, one that is always on the move. Nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration, the foundation of everything. There is something on every level to marvel at, everything from a panoramic view to a macro study of an orchid, and it is not a big step to other fields that inspire me such as architecture and design,” Åberg notes.