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Our journey towards sustainable development

2015-11-17, kl. 09:00

At Swedavia, we decided early on to be really good at environmental issues in our remit, that is, operating airports.

Today we are an international role model for the development of climate-smart airports, and at the same time we look for environmental collaborations beyond our operations.

Swedavia has been climate-neutral since 2006

The focus of Swedavia’s environmental work is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise energy use, and reduce atmospheric emissions and discharges to waterways from our own operations. 
In 2006, Swedavia was one of the first Swedish companies that made the decision to be climate-neutral. This means that operations today are run without contributing negatively to global climate change.

All ten Swedavia airports included in Sweden’s national basic infrastructure are certified at the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA). Swedavia is thus the airport group that has come furthest in the world, based on this international standard, in its work to develop climate-smart airports.

Natural resources inventory at the airport

In progress and expected to be completed in 2016. So far, two species on the European Red List of Threatened Species – leathery grapefern and moonwort – were found growing between the landing runway and taxiway.

Tree of knowledge with focus on sustainability

Together with our tenants and partners, we have created our own tree of knowledge with a focus on sustainability, which is located in the check-in area. 

Together, we want to tell our visitors in an unusual and creative way what we all contribute in taking responsibility to minimise our impact.

The tree was created by the artist Hans Englund, from the municipality of Luleå, and is six metres high.