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O’Learys restaurant and Skafferiet café to open at Luleå Airport

2014-01-23, kl. 13:27

On Monday, January 20, renovation will begin on the restaurant located after the security checkpoint. At the end of February, a new, modern food and café area will open, where you will find O’Learys restaurant and the Skafferiet café.

O’Learys is one of Sweden’s leading restaurant chains, with some 60 sports bars across the country. The restaurant has a relaxed, informal atmosphere, with a focus on the experience. It has a sports theme, and the menu consists of US and Cajun-inspired food.

Skafferiet is a café with an emphasis on the northern Swedish province of Norrland. Baked goods, sandwiches, snacks, salads, other deli items, newspapers, books, sweets and souvenirs will be available for sale. 

During the renovation, a temporary café will be built near the construction hoarding, where you can buy a limited selection of food, sandwiches, soft drinks, beer, wine, baked goods, sweets, newspapers and books.

There will not be any hot lunches served while the renovation is under way, but a lunch buffet will open March 3.

Everyone is welcome to Luleå Airport’s two new food outlets at the end of February.