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More flights to Gothenburg from Luleå

2015-02-11, kl. 16:30

In April, SAS will increase the number of departures between Luleå Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport to five a week. The increase is in response to the great demand for flights between the two regions.

In December 2014, SAS launched service between Luleå and Gothenburg for the first time. Demand has been great and the number of departures will now be increased from one to five a week.

“We are extremely pleased that SAS chooses to expand its traffic on the long-awaited route between Luleå and Gothenburg. We know that accessibility between our regions is of great importance for the economy of both towns. A non-stop service to Gothenburg is one of our priority domestic routes as identified by the business community in the Connect Norrbotten project,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, Airport Director of Luleå Airport.

The expanded timetable, with five weekly departures, will go into effect on April 8. Departure days will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The route will be served by a Boeing 737 aircraft type.

Departure times Luleå–Gothenburg
Monday: 6.10a
Wednesday:: 3.15p
Thursday: 8.20p
Friday: 5.55p
Sunday: 8.35p

Departure times Gothenburg–Luleå
Monday: 6.15a
Wednesday: 5.30p
Thursday: 6.15p
Friday: 5.45p