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Magnus Svensson to exhibit art at Luleå Airport

2015-09-16, kl. 11:37

On Friday, September 18, Magnus Svensson’s art exhibition "Margareta Renberg here I come" will open at Luleå Airport.

Circuit breakers, radiators and pillows – or what? Magnus Svensson paints Konstverk av Magnus Svenssonplaces, not words.
There is still a story in his abstract art. It is about different choices of themes and points of departure,
and – last but not least – colour and form.

His technique is clear and advanced; large boards are painted with layer upon layer using unique precision and minimalism.

Magnus Svensson’s imagery is complex but at the same time in the present and genuine.
Come see a new reality at Luleå Airport this autumn.
The exhibition will run from September 18 to November 16, 2015, in the arrival hall by the café Mat & Fika.