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Luleå Local Traffic taking over airport bus service from Flygbussarna

2013-10-14, kl. 17:20

Beginning October 14, Luleå Local Traffic (LLT) is expanding service. Among other changes, LLT will replace Flygbussarna’s airport coaches on the route between Luleå Airport and the city centre.

Beginning October 14, Luleå Local Traffic will expand public transport service in the Luleå metropolitan region in order to provide even better service for people who live in or visit Luleå. Among other things, that means more frequent service both to and from Luleå Airport. When there are aircraft landing or taking off, buses will run at least every 30 minutes between the city centre and Luleå Airport. During peak traffic, in the morning and afternoon, buses will run every 20 minutes to and from Luleå Airport.

“We are very pleased that Luleå Local Traffic has chosen to serve Luleå Airport and that the airport is included in its regular scheduled service. That increase access to the airport for passengers and for everyone who works at the airport. We believe it is important that there is a public transport option for getting to the airport because that promotes environmental thinking,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.
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