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Luleå Airport is important for the region’s development

2013-04-10, kl. 16:18

Swedavia conducts an annual survey of what passengers and neighbours think about Luleå Airport’s work with access and sustainability. 97 per cent of respondents think the airport is important for development in the region, and 94 per cent consider the airport to be important for the region’s brand and image.

The survey shows that the airport has great support. A clear majority, 88 per cent, have a positive view of Luleå Airport, and 97 per cent say that the airport is important for the region’s development. Furthermore, 88 per cent think the airport is important for new companies setting up operations in the region. The vast majority, 91 per cent, also think it is an important regional and international meeting place. 

In response to the question of how they get to and from the airport, 55 per cent of those asked think public transport is good. Early this autumn, the local transit company Luleå Lokaltrafik (LLT) will start providing regular scheduled service to Luleå Airport. 

“We are extremely delighted about LLT’s investment, which expands the options for taking public transport to and from the airport and in that way also helps to increase environmental responsibility,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

According to the survey report, the general public thinks priority in the airport’s environmental work should be given to reducing its environmental impact. Luleå Airport works with great focus to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. In June 2012, the airport was certified at the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA).

“ACA certification is comparable to eco-labelling for airports. Certification at the highest level means that we have been able to show a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for the past three years and that we offset the emissions we have not yet managed to eliminate. We work continuously to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have a joint project with companies and other organisations at the airport to reduce the airport’s total environmental impact. The objective for Swedavia’s airports is to have zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2020,” Ms Viklund concludes.

About the survey

The survey was conducted December 3-23, 2012, in telephone interviews with 400 people living in the region. Of those asked, half had travelled at least once from Luleå Airport in the past twelve months while the rest had not.