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Leo’s Lekhörna play area to open today at Luleå Airport

2014-02-24, kl. 13:00

Families with small children can celebrate today – the play area Leo’s Lekhörna is opening at Luleå Airport.

Leo’s Lekhörna at Luleå Airport is a collaboration between Leo’s Lekland and Swedavia. Spearheading the Leo’s Lekhörna concept are two of Luleå’s distinguished citizens – and the founders of Leo’s Lekland – Joakim Gunler and Jonas Rönnkvist.

“We are extremely pleased about our collaboration with Leo’s Lekland and want to wish them a warm welcome to Luleå Airport. Families with small children have long wanted a play area, especially our younger passengers, who would like something to do while they wait for their flight. Leo’s Lekland is very familiar to and loved by every child in the region,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director.

“We look forward to opening a ‘mini-Leo’s’ at the airport. It is a good place to let children be active. We have our roots in Luleå, which is why it is especially nice to have a location at the airport so that all children can play and have fun while they are waiting,” says Joakim Gunler, chief executive of Leo’s Lekland.

Facts about Leo’s Lekland

Leo’s Lekland was founded in 2006 in Luleå by Joakim Gunler and Jonas Rönnqvist. Leo’s Lekland is now the largest chain of play areas in the Nordic countries and is growing rapidly. Leo's has 20 facilities in Sweden and Norway. The company is headquartered in Luleå and has some 10 employees.