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Kerstin Hedström’s art at Luleå Airport

2013-09-18, kl. 17:08

Luleå Airport is continuing its investment in art together with the local art centre, Resurscentrum för Konst i Norrbotten. Beginning Friday, September 13, and until Friday, November 22, you can see the artist Kerstin Hedström’s work at the airport.

Recycling and vintage are a major trend in art and handicrafts right now. For Kerstin Hedström, it is a question of looking for and collecting abandoned products and materials for her work. The artistic process is slow and takes time, so her work is complex and meticulously designed.

The art exhibit at Luleå Airport will run for the entire year, with different artists from the county of Norrbotten.

Kerstin Hedström

Recycled, found and gathered have become keywords for Kerstin Hedström in her artistry. Kerstin Hedström is an artist from Luleå who works with art, handicrafts and design. She has held a number of solo shows in Sweden and around the world and has taken part in many joint exhibitions. Kerstin’s works can be found in various schools and government buildings in Norrbotten, and a number of public works in the county were created by her. Materials that diffract and reflect light and produce optical effects are often found in her work. Concrete has recently been a favourite material.