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How people in northern Sweden want to spend their holiday

2012-10-12, kl. 14:08

Swedes decide their destination well in advance, plan carefully and give priority to really relaxing during their holiday. People from northern Sweden are no exception – this region has the most families in the country that travel while on holiday, and the majority choose their destination about three months ahead of time. What Swedes miss most from home is their bed, but after only a week back home, almost a third are ready to head out again for more travel.

Today Swedavia is publishing Resenären (The Traveller) – a brand-new report about the holiday travel habits of Swedes based on a survey conducted by TNS SIFO. It shows what choices Swedes make in conjunction with their holiday and how they behave before, during and after their trip.

People from northern Sweden travel to a greater extent in jeans and a sweater or to suit their destination. Only 22 per cent choice “nice-looking leisurewear” compared with the national average of 29 per cent. For all regions in Sweden, the first choice for food at the airport is a sandwich. The next choice for people from northern Sweden is a hot meal (26 per cent), compared to the national average of 18 per cent. People from northern Sweden are least likely to have a cup of coffee before their flight, whereas people from Gothenburg are most likely to.

Once they are at their destination, people from northern Sweden want to take the day as it comes, but at the same time it is important to know what is going on. Compared to other regions, people from northern Sweden are most likely to read the information in the hotel folder the first thing they do when they arrive.

Over half of Swedes, 54 per cent, said that their telephone, tablet or computer was less important when they were on holiday. Almost the same number never or rarely updated their Facebook profile. And there were very few people who missed their job. People from northern Sweden follow the same patterns. 

“When people from northern Sweden go on holiday, they want to take time off and log out. It seems as though people have learnt to use the new technology when they need to be available but also not to use it when they are on holiday,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

The first thing most people from northern Sweden do when they get home is unpack. But they are also close to their family. 17 per cent say that it is even more important to call their loved ones before they unpack, which is the highest level in Sweden. The report also includes insights and trend spotting concerning future travel based on existing knowledge about the travel habits of Swedes. 

“We want to help add to the feeling of expectation that passengers have when they get to the airport. With our survey, we are now getting a better grasp of Swedes’ holiday travel, from the moment they get the idea to travel to the time they return home. Knowledge about travellers helps us develop our airports so that they will be better and more inspiring places to meet, both now and in the future,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia.

Download Resenären (in Swedish only) here

About Resenären

The Resenären report is based on a survey carried out by TNS SIFO. The method involves on-line interviews with 2,000 private individuals in a nationally representative sample of people who have flown in the past year. The interviews were conducted June 26-28, 2012.

Excerpts from Resenären

– A holiday in the sun is most popular with every age group. After a holiday in the sun comes a city break for women in the age group 18-29 (16 per cent), compared to men in the same age group (3 per cent).

– Swedes prefer to spend their time at the airport having a coffee break (19 per cent), talking with their fellow travellers (17 per cent) and shopping (16 per cent)

– To pass the time, 39 per cent like to read, followed by 17 per cent who prefer to sleep and 16 per cent who watch a movie.

– For most people, being on holiday also means new experiences for their taste buds. A large majority, 78 per cent, want to eat local food while on holiday. Only 4 per cent want to eat just like they do back home and only 1 per cent prefer Swedish food.

– 30 per cent buy typical souvenirs to bring home.

– Half of Swedes miss their bed, but only 28 per cent miss their family and children.