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Fritidsresor expanding at Luleå Airport

2013-09-18, kl. 17:05

In 2014, Fritidsresor will again invest in operations at Luleå Airport. That means new destinations, better flight times and almost 4,000 more seats next summer.

In all, Fritidsresor’s charter programme from Luleå has expanded by 170 per cent in three years. The continuing expansion, using Luleå Airport as a charter base, entails a number of advantages for travellers in the region. One is that 95 per cent of the flights will be the “right way around”.

Next summer, Fritidsresor is launching the new destination of Samos, which was recently named by the tour operator’s customers as their favourite destination. Non-stop charter flights depart from Luleå every week from May through mid-October. The number of seats to Mallorca will also be increased by 50 per cent.

Fritidsresor’s charter destinations from Luleå Airport for summer 2014:

  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Mallorca, Spain
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Samos, Greece – new!

Ann Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport, welcomes the expanded service. “It is really great that Fritidsresor is making such a major investment – both new destinations but also more departures make it easier for residents in the region to find a destination that suits them.”