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Fly directly to Mexico from Luleå Airport next winter

2012-11-29, kl. 12:45

Ving is expanding its service to the Caribbean, and next November people from northern Sweden who enjoy travel will be able to fly directly to the Yucatan Peninsula from Luleå Airport.

Interest in the Caribbean is booming, and to meet growing demand across Sweden Ving is adding flights to Mexico from a number of regional airports in Sweden. Luleå Airport is one of these. Just in time for Christmas next year, on November 25, 2013, sun-deprived people from northern Sweden will be able to travel to this fascinating Mayan country to the west. The flight will go via Oslo and then non-stop to Cancun, Mexico.

“Mexico will be a first-rate addition to the range of destinations on offer directly from Luleå Airport. We are naturally very pleased that we are able to offer travellers in the region this exciting travel opportunity,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

Ving has a large assortment of hotels and destinations on offer on the Yucatan Peninsula. There is everything here from calm, relaxed beach life in Akumal, Puerto Morelos and Tulum to the pulse of city life and tourist activities in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. If island living is preferred, Ving has a number of fine hotels on the island of Isla Mujeres.

“Mexico is one of our most popular winter destinations right now. So it feels really good knowing that we can offer people in northern Sweden an easy air travel solution directly from Luleå Airport. Mexico has a rich culture and a variety of places to visit. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are here as well,” says Magdalena Öhrn, information officer at Ving.

Tickets for next winter’s flights to Mexico will go on sale at Ving.se before Christmas this year.