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Film shoot at Luleå Airport

2013-09-09, kl. 13:22

On Wednesday, parts of the Swedish television series “Tjockare än vatten” [Thicker than Water] were filmed at Luleå Airport.

“Tjockare än vatten” is a television series in ten episodes produced by Nice Drama in partnership with SVT and Filmpool Nord. Large parts of the series will be filmed in Stockholm and Luleå and, like today, at Luleå Airport. Filming took place in the airport’s check-in area.

Plot summary

The television series “Tjockare än vatten” is about three adult siblings who grew up on the island of Åland and reunite in their childhood home after the sudden death of their mother (played by Stina Ekblad). Against their will, they decide to fulfil their mother’s last wish – to run the family business, “Waldemar’s guest house”, together.

The actress Stina Ekblad in the role of Anna-Lisa Waldemar. Photo: Baldur Bragason