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Expanded charter service with Ving from Luleå Airport in summer 2014

2013-06-13, kl. 12:09

Next summer Cyprus will again be included in Ving's charter programme, and more departures to the popular destinations of Rhodes and Mallorca will also be available.

There has been considerable demand for Ving's charter trips from Luleå Airport. Ving is thus expanding with more departures to Rhodes and Mallorca while adding Cyprus to its programme of destinations in summer 2014. Ving is also continuing its flights to Turkey next summer. In all, it means a 56 per cent increase in volume. 

"We see a trend of many customers wanting to book earlier and earlier, even up to a year in advance – especially people who want to be sure to get the best family rooms and those travelling in large groups, for instance, three generations together. So this year we are releasing trips for next summer earlier than ever," says Magdalena Öhrn, director of communications at Ving.

"There has been great demand for non-stop flights from Luleå Airport recently. It is easy and convenient for passengers to get on a plane at home and fly right to their destination without any stops. So it is a matter of booking one's flight well in advance. We are extremely pleased that Ving is now already offering the option of booking trips for summer 2014," says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director at Luleå Airport.

Ving's summer 2014 programme from Luleå Airport:

  • New – Cyprus with one departure a week from May to October (a total of 1,090 seats)
  • Mallorca – trips throughout the summer season from May to October – an increase of 61 per cent (1,960 seats in all)
  • Rhodes – trips throughout the summer season from May to October – an increase of 77 per cent (3,130 seats in all)
  • Turkey – trips available from April to October with slightly higher volume next summer (2,744 seats in all).