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Continued rise in air travel from Luleå Airport

Photo of passengers at Luleå Airport
2014-04-07, kl. 15:04

The number of passengers flying to or from Luleå Airport continues to rise. Figures for January-March show a 6 per cent increase in passenger volume compared to the same period in 2013.

During the first quarter, 257,624 passengers flew to or from Luleå Airport, compared to 243,012 passengers for the same period last year. Domestic traffic was up 4 per cent (to 241,210 passengers), while international traffic was up 37 per cent (to 16,414 passengers) as a result of more charter departures during the quarter.

Flying is a time-efficient, comfortable and reliable transport mode, and it is clear that access is important in Sweden’s northernmost county of Norrbotten. The chance to fly non-stop to sunny, warm destinations is also greatly appreciated, which is reflected in the figures.

“Air travel continues the strong growth trend we saw all last year. We see an increase mainly in domestic traffic. We are pleased that our airlines can offer our passengers a very good range of flights in Sweden. We are now entering an intense charter period, with a number of departures each day to non-stop destinations around the Mediterranean, such as Turkey, Cyprus and Crete. A new addition to the programme is non-stop service to Samos (Greece), which we are very pleased to be able to offer the region,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director.

In March, a total of 96,037 passengers flew to or from Luleå Airport, which is a 5 per cent increase compared to last year’s figure for the month of 91,161. Domestic traffic was up 4 per cent (to 90,095 passengers) and international traffic was up 23 per cent (to 5,942 passengers).