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Continued passenger growth at Luleå Airport

2013-09-06, kl. 15:48

A total of 91,137 passengers flew to or from Luleå Airport in August, an increase of 7 per cent compared to last year, when the figure was 85,034. International traffic accounts for most of the growth, up a full 59 per cent.

Domestic traffic was up 3 per cent in August, from 78,587 to 80,860 passengers, while international traffic was up 59 per cent, from 6,447 to 10,277 passengers.

“This summer was very positive for the airport, which has seen a sharp increase in international traffic. We are an attractive airport for charter operations that want to invest in new destinations, better flight times and more departures. For next summer, Samos will be launched as a new non-stop destination from Luleå Airport, which we are extremely pleased about,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director.

A total of 722,595 passengers passed through Luleå Airport during the period January-August this year, which is a 1 per cent, from 715,516 passengers. International traffic increased 13 per cent during this period, from 53,517 to 60,296 passengers. Domestic traffic is on par with last year’s figure, at 661,999 passengers compared to 662,300 in 2012.

Refurbishment work is proceeding as planned, and the new Luleå Airport will be inaugurated on December 5.