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Christmas tree display that contributes to charity

2013-11-19, kl. 10:23

At Luleå Airport you can see a slightly different display of Christmas trees, decorated by nine local personalities, from November 29 to January 6 – vote for your favourite one. Swedavia and the first, second and third place winners will all donate money to charity.

While the trees are on display, passengers and employees can vote for their favourite Christmas tree. Swedavia is donating 10,000 Swedish kronor to charity in conjunction with the display. The winning Christmas tree, and thus the tree’s decorator, will give 5,000 kronor to a charity of their choice that partners with Swedavia, second place will give 3,000 kronor and finally third place will give 2,000 kronor.

Swedavia’s partners are Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, ECPAT, World Childhood Foundation and the Children’s Cancer Fund.

The nine Luleå personalities are

  • Johan Fransson from Luleå Hockey
  • Sophie Gunnarsson and Linda Moestam from Luleå Pride
  • Örjan Huhta from Interflora Luleå
  • Simon Laiti from Hemmagastronomi
  • Marie-Louise Lindh from Missing People
  • Kirsi Poikela from Inpuls
  • Katarina Skarin, graffiti artist
  • Yvonne Stålnacke, municipal commissioner in Luleå

You too can vote

People can vote at the airport from November 29 to January 6.