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"Art at the Airport" comes to Luleå Airport

2013-06-24, kl. 12:21

Konst på Flygplats, in English "Art at the Airport", is now kicking off at Luleå Airport. First out is the graffiti artist Katarina Skarin with a site-specific spray art application in the arrival hall.

Norrbotten received funding in May from the business community for its first art installation at Kiruna Airport. Now Swedavia is investing in art in Luleå as well. At the initiative of Resurscentrum för Konst (‘The Resource Centre for Art’), a coordinated art show is being arranged with artists from across the province of Norrbotten throughout 2013.

Graffiti exhibit in the arrival hall

The art exhibit with Katarina Skarin is the first one to be shown at Luleå Airport. The exhibit will be on display until early September in the arrival hall by the baggage carrousel and available for everyone to see. Other exhibits will then be shown during the year, including a surprise at Christmas 2013. The art has been selected in collaboration between Luleå Airport and a project group consisting of Peppe Bergström, project manager of Resurscentrum för Konst, Klas Hällerstrand, art consultant in Norrbotten, and Ricky Sandberg, project manager for Havremagasinet. The art on display will also be available for sale.

It is important for Luleå Airport that it can provide an experience to passengers when they are at the airport. The collaboration between Luleå Airport and Resurscentrum för Konst is unique to Sweden, a collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Art for the enjoyment of Norrbotten residents and visitors

“Presenting art in new places, where people work and gather, is one of the most important ways of reaching a new and broader audience with contemporary art,” says Peppe Bergström, project manager at Resurscentrum för Konst. “The aim is for Art at the Airport to meet new eyes and new observers. It is just as important, if not more, that artists in Norrbotten have another venue for displaying their art,” he adds.

“Luleå Airport wants to provide all passengers and visitors with an inspiring environment to be in before and after their flight. Art gives us this opportunity. Displaying art from Norrbotten is also a way to show our Norrbotten soul to visitors in the region,” says Anna Kowal Lindbäck, head of marketing at Luleå Airport.

About Katarina Skarin

Katarina Skarin is 23 years old and comes from Luleå. Katarina’s work is inspired by her own feelings, which could come from her encounters with music, film, people or other art. She has had a creative urge since she was young, and right now graffiti is her main interest. She was introduced to graffiti while in middle school by a student teacher who drew her a birthday card. Last year, her work took off when she was on a graffiti team in Uddebo.