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A turn upward for Luleå Airport

2013-05-08, kl. 16:13

A total of 88,782 passengers flew to or from Luleå Airport in April, an increase of 0.5 per cent, which indicates that the downward trend during the first quarter has taken a positive turn.

Domestic traffic accounts for the positive trend, with an increase of 1.7 per cent compared to April 2012, from 85,360 to 86,824 passengers. International traffic fell 34.4 per cent compared to last year, from 2,985 to 1,958 passengers.

“We follow the traffic trend very closely and are confident that the negative trend for domestic traffic has turned around and stabilised. May is our most intense month for charter travel, with some 14 non-stop departures a week, including to Rhodes, Croatia and Turkey, which will also have a positive impact on the trend for international traffic,” says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport director.

Passengers can now go through the new security checkpoint and encounter a revamped upper level which is nearing completion. The airport’s new tax-free shop has opened. Nuance Sweden has refurbished and upgraded the shop with a larger range of products for every taste. A refurbishment of the arrival hall and check-in area is now underway. On December 5 the new Luleå Airport will be inaugurated.