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Facts about Luleå Airport

Civilian air traffic officially began on 11 September 1944 but three days earlier the ABA’s DC 3 “Falken” was the first civilian aircraft to touch down at the airport. This was because it was thought wise to carry out an unofficial test ahead of the formal ceremony. The pilot of this aircraft was the legendary Carl-Gustaf von Rosen.

Air travel had in fact begun at the airport a number of years earlier when the then Norrbotten flygbaskår (Norrbotten Air Force Wing) began operations in Luleå. The civilian station area, including taxiways and parking areas was officially opened in 1984 and marked a major step forward in the development of air traffic in Luleå.

Luleå Airport is Sweden’s fifth largest airport with approximately one million passengers per year. The airport is located in the municipality of Luleå only seven kilometres from the city centre. Luleå is a regional centre in the county of Norrbotten and together with the neighbouring municipalities of Piteå, Älvsbyn, Boden and Kalix has a combined population of 167,000 all within 60 minutes travelling distance to the airport.

Fifth largest airport in Sweden
1, 177 443 passengers in 2015
108 043 charter and international passengers in 2014

Total number of people employed at the airport is 1,100, of which 900 are employed by the Ministry of Defence
Four scheduled airline companies
Twenty charter companies

Top three destinations 2015
Stockholm Arlanda, Antalya, Kanarieöarna

Top three airlines 2015
SAS, Norwegian and Nextjet

Air cargo operator at Luleå Airport: Swedavia AB

Number of terminals
One passenger terminal
Five gates
Nine parking spaces for passenger and cargo aircraft

Cargo terminal

1 (140/320)