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General terms for booking parking spaces at Swedavia AB Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Göteborg Landvetter Airport Swedavia AB offers an online booking service via the Swedavia website, where customers can book (and pay for) a parking space at the airport.

Definitions and abbreviations

Swedavia: Swedavia AB, 438 80 Landvetter
Airport: Göteborg Landvetter Airport
Website: http://www.swedavia.se/Goteborg/
Customer: The person/company named as the customer in the online booking procedure
Product: A parking space and/or any additional service linked to the space.
Booking period: The period for which the customer wishes to book a product.
Contract partner: On completion of the payment of an online booking, a contract is entered between the customer and Swedavia.
Booking ID: a debit/credit card or registration number used to identify a booking at the parking entrance.
Product page: a page containing information, a map and product-related terns for each bookable product listed on the website, accessed via the link "Information & Map"

Products and offers

The online booking service for parking spaces covers all public parking facilities at the airport. All products and offers available for booking are displayed for the booking period. Products and services shown on the booking service page on the website are only applicable to online bookings. The availability of products and offers is limited.


Prices are in SEK, including the obligatory VAT. The current prices are shown online at the time of booking. These prices apply only to advance bookings of parking spaces. Parking spaces that are not booked in advance are charged for according to the regular price list – see the website for the regular price list. Prices apply until new prices are shown on the booking page. All prices indicated in connection with a booking apply to that booking only, and on the condition that the booking is completed, paid and confirmed online.


Bookings are made online. When making the booking, the customer selects time and product. Only available products are shown in the display. If no products are hown, there is no capacity available for the selected time period or area. Use one or more booking IDs to book one or more products with the same debit/credit card.

A booking entitles only one entrance and one exit per booked product.
The booking period is for a minimum of one calendar day. The shortest possible booking period varies depending on the product and is stated in the product page for each respective product.

When the booking is completed and paid, a confirmation appears on the screen, with a booking number and a receipt of payment. Swedavia recommends customers to print out the booking confirmation and bring this with them, together with the booking ID used when making the booking. The confirmation includes instructions on how to find the relevant parking area and a map.

The booking is binding, and when the customer has agreed to the payment, the general terms on handling of personal data (read more under "Personal Data"), and has received the confirmation, a contract has been entered between the parties.
Once the product is booked and the booking is confirmed, Swedavia is responsible for providing the product to the customer for the appointed time.

It is the responsibility of the customer to read the information on how to find the right area as presented by Swedavia in the online booking dialogue and confirmation. The agreed price applies to the booked product. Should the customer fail to follow the terms indicated for the booked product, the customer will be charged according to the regular price list (for products used).
No refunds are made for time that is not utilised. Should the customer wish to extend the parking time or arrive earlier, the additional parking period is charged for according to the regular price list for the chosen area.

Cancellations and changes

The terms for cancellations and changes vary depending on the product and are indicated in each respective product page in the online booking dialogue.
Cancellations and changes are made online under "Manage my booking".


Booked products are paid in advance with a valid debit/credit card via the electronic payment service. When the customer has approved the payment transaction, Swedavia is entitled to debit the customer's account for the product.
If the card issuer does not approve the transaction, the booking is cancelled.

The customer can pay several overlapping bookings with the same debit/credit card, but a debit/credit card can only be used as a booking ID for one booking at a time. The customer can pay for more than one product per booking period using the same debit/credit card, if the customer enters a new, unique booking ID for each product that is booked.

Secure e-payment: Swedavia fulfils the industry's requirements on secure handling of card and personal data. For more information, please visit www.konsumentverket.se.

Personal data

By agreeing to the general terms, the customer agrees to allow Swedavia, in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL), to keep an electronic record of the personal data submitted by the customer in the booking process.
Swedavia needs the data to fulfil the contract with the customer. Swedavia also uses the data in the records to provide information and service relating to the booking via e-mail, telephone, text messages and letter. When the customer has used the product booked via Swedavia, the data is only stored in Swedavia's customer records if the customer signed up for messages from the airport when making the booking. The data may be used for marketing purposes, market surveys within Swedavia, and for issuing special offers, information, newsletters, etc, via e-mail, text messages and letters.

Customers can cancel this service at any time. Customers wishing to remove or amend the personal data held about them or demand corrections are requested to contact Swedavia via e-mail at swedavia.got@swedavia.se, or by writing to Swedavia AB, 43880 Landvetter. Customers wishing to know more about the personal data held about them at Swedavia are requested to contact the Personal Data Representative in writing: Annika Andersson, Swedavia AB, 601 79 Norrköping.


All complaints shall be made without delay in writing to swedavia.got@swedavia.se or to Swedavia AB, 43880 Landvetter.

Force Majeure

Swedavia and the customer are not liable for failure to perform the obligations of this agreement, or obliged to pay compensation, in the event of force majeure, including war, rebellion, strike, fire, explosion or other circumstances beyond the control of Swedavia or the customer, where they cannot be performed without incurring unreasonable expense.


Swedavia is not liable for occurrences relating to accidents, burglaries, damages to any person or car, equipment or effects in the car.

Gothenburg 01-10-2010