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Charge your electric car – how to do it

Charging via your mobile phone (SMS function)

  1. Open the bonnet (hood).
  2. Plug your cord into the outlet and close the bonnet (hood).
  3. Send an SMS (text message) to 72672 which contains the following: CHARGE<space>POST<space>-ID
    POST ID= The number you find on the green sign under the keypad for the charging post.
  4. Right after you send your order, you will receive an access code.
  5. Enter the access code using the keypad.
  6. Once the access code is accepted, a green diode lights up and charging begins.

To start charging if you cannot use the option above

  1. Contact the parking service to start charging at tel.  010-10 93 250.
  2. Service staff will come to you and start charging there.